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Waveguide and Antenna Products

Rigid and Flexible Waveguide

Waveguide Terminations and Attenuators

Waveguide Filters and Diplexers

Waveguide Dividers/Combiners

Waveguide Couplers

Coaxial Couplers and Filters

Horn, Spiral and Dish Antennas

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SC5302A RF Downconverter For PXI

Broadband tuning 20 MHz to 1.3 GHz

Low residual phase noise

< -100 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset

1 GHz carrier

> 180 dB measurement dynamic range

Image rejection > 120 dB

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SMD Chip Inductor (Free Samples Available)


Microwave and RF

Bias Circuits

Matching Circuits

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140 MHz and 70 MHz SAW Filters

High performance, high quality

Excellent stability

RoHS Compliant

Bandwidths available from 0.25MHz

to 44 MHz

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IF and RF SAW Filters

High performance, high quality

RoHS Compliant

Excellent Stability

Thru-hole Packages

Surface Mount Packages

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70 mil Packaged PHEMTs

Surface mount ceramic package

0.25μm recessed gate


HIgh gain and PAE 1 - 26 GHz

Commercial and HiRel Applications

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