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image006 Wide Band Amplifier
Wide Band Amplifier with excellent temperature performance. Spanning temperatures from cryogenic to +100C and frequencies from 1-20 GHz,the newly introduced AOX amplifier series features 21 different models, each offering one or more octaves of bandwidth.

image011 PXI and Benchtop Test Systems
RF Upconverters and Downconverters, 1MHz to 3,9 GHz. SignalCore specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance RF & Microwave Subsystems that will preserve your signal integrity.

berexlogo Power PHEMT Bare Die
BeRex Expands Its Family of High Performance pHEMT Chips. BeRex, Inc. announces three new members of its popular BCP-Series of high performance pHEMT FET chips for applications to 27 GHz, with availability of the BCP040T, BCP060T2 and BCP080T2.

PatchAntenna Ceramic Patch Antennas
High quality ceramic patch antennas having excellent temperature stability. The antennas have exellent radiation patterns and wide frequency ranges. The series of antennas are suitable for surface mount and reflow soldering processes.

image005 VNA Test Cables
VN series cable is a rugged precision test cable to be used on Microwave Network Analyzers and similar test equipment. The VN series cable utilizes GrooveTubeŽ technology and features the best phase and amplitude stability for repeatable and accurate measurements.

toroid Ruggedized SMT Vertical Mount Toroids
Gowanda Electronics designs and manufactures application-specific and standard inductors for RF and Power applications in the OEM marketplace. Gowanda's technical expertise and custom capabilities have established Gowanda as a leading supplier of high-performance magnetic and non-magnetic components.